A Woman Who Knows

from by Jac Xe

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Question: The stand-out feature of this track is the lyrics, they sound very personal, are they?

Jac: Yes, The 'looking for a woman who knows' line came to me in a dream and when I woke I knew I had to write a song about who I really wanted in a relationship. So I guess it is really personal. The whole song is about the push and pull of strength and vulnerability. If you've ever watched the waves coming in on a beautiful beach – in and out – it's so natural like a long kiss.

Question: Are you worried that you expose too much of yourself in this song?

Jac: I have been but that's the beauty of song. I can share myself and at the same time connect with people who feel the same way. Songs and poetry are magical spells, they go beyond what can be said with just words.

Question: It's a very long song did that cause problems with keeping it engaging?

Jac: It's the longest song I've written, I thought about cutting some of the lyrics but what's the point of writing a magical spell about who I want to bring into my life if I'm going to miss out bits. It's better to ask for it all. It's not a song that makes you want to dance but it's really restful and calming – I spent a lot of time putting in all the instrumental parts to keep shifting the song to new places – It's like how waves are all the same but they are all different at the same time. There's around twelve separate instruments on the song at different times and then there's the vocals.

Question: The vocals have a very present deep feel to them but there's this other vocal that is way up high in the background is that you too?

Jac: Yes, originally I had planned to sing the last half of the song an octave higher but it broke the spell so I double tracked myself singing up high. It's another reflection of this give and take between strength and vulnerability the song has

Question: The last word you sound out of tune – is that deliberate?

Jac: I didn't record it deliberately but when I listened to all the takes, the vocal where I went out of the tune on the last word seemed so vulnerable that I decided to keep it. The song isn't about perfection; either mine or the 'woman who knows' - it's about how we deal with our imperfections and celebrate our strengths


I'm looking for a woman who knows
How to kiss like the ocean flows
With eyes like the moon, torn from the clouds
that she's drawn apart
for me

I'm looking for a woman who can fall
Like the cresting of a wave before
the shore
Who can pick me up and churn me
over in her rolling water and then
break herself to pieces on
the beach
I'm looking for a woman to reach me
who can understand the stories
around the edges of my dreams
I'm looking for a woman to teach me
what they mean
Who can fly that kite on that ragged wind and
blow a song along the string
I'm looking for a woman who knows

That music is a dance and not at show
and who knows there's something else out there
but doesn't read a book to tell her where
I'm looking for a woman who can dance

On a mountain peak in a trance
and can move without moving
and hold my power in her breathing
I'm looking for a woman
who knows

I'm looking for a woman who keeps her book
close by when she writes the score
but she'll leave it in the rain outside the door
she has no room in any of her many secret draws

I'm looking for a woman who can tell
when I'm a young boy, when I'm the wiser man
when I'm a broken dog, when I'm a foaming stallion
I'm looking for a woman who knows my moods well

who can rope me to my horses and then
calm them with instinctive glances
I'm looking for a woman who can
let things go

I'm looking for a woman who knows
when to let me push through the snows alone
and will walk with me through the corn
and we'll overthrow the dawn
and I'll crown her in the daylight
but she'll let my voice
command her night
I'm looking for a woman who knows

That inside our heads we'll always be alone
and though it hurts us not to share that part,
it's what makes us who we are
and it's why lovers shun grey skies
but love the stars

And I'm looking for a woman with a beauty
that only I can see
and when I tell her she'll
believe me

and I'm looking for the woman
who can finish this song...


from Jac Xé, released October 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Jac Xe UK

Enjoy :)


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