Blue Sky Clear

from by Jac Xe

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Question: You use a lot of nature imagery in many of your songs. In this song there's the title itself and you also talk of sunlight, snow, horses and hounds why is that?

Jac: I think it goes back to my time amongst the Maya in Guatamala. They have an incredible respect for nature that goes way beyond simply appreciating its beauty and power. It took me a long time but when I got it it just seeped into my soul, this language of how natural things mirror, inspire and give life to our own internal emotions. The whole song is about renewal from the man-made emotional constraints of our lives. It's about becoming clear again. It's about hope too.

Question: Is hope important for you.

Jac: Isn't it important for everyone? Sometimes it can seem that everything is so permanent, that there's no way out like death and taxes, but there's always a way to break clear.

Question: Break clear of paying taxes and dying?

Jac: No, it's just there's a way that death and taxes are still there but they don't own you, you're not been driven by the fear. Just because that's how life works doesn't mean that's what's important about living. There's a line in Martin Prechtel's wonderful book 'Stealing Benefacio's Roses' where he talks about a young Mayan guy who gives up his spiritual heritage and stops believing that the lake, the mountains, the sun, the corn, the jaguars were gods and goddesses, that the world is a magical place and wakes up one morning and sees the world as 'a ragged patch of lifeless stone and human hatred'. It made me cry when I read that part, there's a real truth there.

Question: You make the song sound very spiritual?

Jac: It's a song, all songs are spiritual in some way. They're always about emotions, about life you don't find songs telling you how to assemble a piece of furniture from Ikea.

Question: I can think of a few R'n'B songs and heavy metal songs that don't sound very spiritual?

Jac: But they are, it's just that you might not like how they move the spirit. Even bland background songs move the spirit into blandness.

Question: Is it fair to say you've a lot of opinions?

Jac: Yes, but you don't have to take what I say as right, I could be wrong or I could be right for some people and wrong for others. I couldn't write any songs if I wasn't willing to share how I feel or see life.


Reaching for the future; Breaking from the past
I want to see the sunlight rising from my sleep

I want to leave behind what's clouding my mind
I want to feel fresh and new... and clean

And holding on to pain, cause it's promising the same
I handled it before so why not now?
And stepping out the door into the snow
as it's falling...

The family crime was pride; Being right all the time gets you tired
High horses and low brows; You've got that look that says you're
hunted by the hounds you raised and

Hey, hey if you leave this way, you better make it like you mean it
Death and taxes, Sex and lies
But I believe I can feel things shifting...
Blue Skies...
Clear air...
Blue Skies...


from Jac Xé, released October 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Jac Xe UK

Enjoy :)


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